Saturday, October 3, 2015

Volleyball on Tel Aviv Beach & Jaffa at Sunset

Volleyball games are going strong all the way to sunset on Tel Aviv's Gordon beach @ DAVider 2015

Volleyball games are a permanent fixture on Tel Aviv's Gordon beach. This year's late summer warm weather with the Sukkot holiday dates combined to give players one last chance to go at it. The beaches attract less bathers, especially families with small children. This makes for easier playing conditions. Come to the beach and enjoy the late summer weather.

One Last Dip at Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

Bathers at the last rays on Gordon Beach (#TelAviv) / 2 Oct. 2015 / @ DAVider 2015
This year's combination of hot late summer with long new year school vacation is giving Tel Avivians a bit longer on the beach. End of summer is less hectic and there is plenty of room to stretch out (or read a book or have a quiet conversation with a friend)  Dogs are not missing out on this one.

Sunset on Gordon Beach

Gordon beach #TelAviv at sunset - Sukkot vacation and warm weather keeps bathers out late / @ DAVider 2015

Gordon beach is a popular destination. It attracts a mix of families, boaters (kayak & wind surfing) and leisurely strollers. A good selection of bars, restaurants and hotels keeps people close by all day long. [see Tel Aviv's municipal beach page] This week, with the Sukkot school vacation and warm weather, is keeping Tel Aviv's beaches busy. Not as busy as the hot summer days, yet pleasant enough for a dip and great to stretch out on the sand. Half empty beaches are great when you need a bit of quiet and more space. Gordon beach is sometimes considered the prototypical Tel Aviv beach. ENJOY!

Friday, October 2, 2015

ZeSushi at Basel Street Square

Eden starting out with a salad at ZeShusi on Basel @ DAVider 2015
ZeSushi (This is Sushi) is a small neighborhood Sushi restaurant at the Basel Street commercial square. For a local restaurant, the food and service are above average. The atmosphere is quiet and on a less busy night there are tables open even during dinner hours. Tel Aviv's love for Sushi has gone through a love affair phase. Then the government decided to limit the number of visas for Japanese Sushi makers. The move a few years ago put a stop to the Sushi craze, but most restaurant kept on going.

Frankie's September Moon

Moon rise over Tel Aviv & Ramat Gan, Frankie's Sept. picture @ DAVider 2015

Moon over Tel Aviv, looking east. Aviv tower in Bursa section, Ramat Gan at the right side (silver tubular building).

Thursday, October 1, 2015

With Jerry at Brasserie

With Jerry @ The Brasserie (see previous post)
I am usually at the other side of the camera. Here is a rare picture of me (with Jerry L.) last week


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ramat Gan Bursa vying for Tel Aviv's FinTechies

Ramat Gan, just east of Tel Aviv is chasing FinTech firms with new attractive construction @ DAVider 2015
While Tel Aviv is undisputedly the location for Israeli FinTech entrepreneurs, Ramat Gan is still chasing the big city technologists and finaciers for attention. Long considered the "orphan child" of the central region, construction at the business areas is moving at a faster clip than anywhere in Tel Aviv. Allegation of cutting lengthy and expensive construction approval processes have been buzzing for decades (actually have turned into a conviction of the last mayor). Yet, the smaller (and much less glitzy) and more affordable city, somehow manages to continue building at a fast pace. There is a new effort to turn the more traditional location, home to banks, insurance companies and financial institutions into a start-up hub. Yet, this illusive goal, of capturing the imagination of the Israeli entrepreneur (and investor) within one location, is still unattainable. But not for the lack of trying. [more on this in future posts]