Monday, August 24, 2015

End of Summer Beach Goers: Fading Slowly Into The City

Everyone is taking part in a Tel Aviv tradition of going to the beach on Saturday, end of summer ritual, August 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cofix Effect: Two Years Running

Large capuchino @ Montifiori (the old Cafe Cafe) Ibn Gvirol & Arlozorov, 15 NIS

I have to admit that when Cofix [HE] opened over two years ago, my intuition was off. Tel Aviv was full of buzz on how the coffee prices will go down and the great socialist ideal of "fair prices" for this daily commodity will start a consumer revolution. Fast forward two years and nothing doin'! NADA, KLOOM (as they say in the shook) - shum davar... OK, essentially, that little Cofix shot across the bow of Arcafe, Greg's, Ilan's, and a few other small coffee chains has not moved the market one little bit.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Free WiFi in Tel Aviv - Work in Progress [update]

Tel Aviv WiFi Landing Page - English Version, WiFi is live but not everywhere
A few years ago Tel Aviv city hall announced a free WiFi in the city "project". As part of giving Tel Aviv an international image, I guess the idea of seeing people sitting in cafes and working on laptops,was an idea who's time has come. The city was going to provide hot spots at least in the commercial areas. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pizza from Olivery on Iben Gvirol - Tel Aviv

Frankie and Jerry just visited a great Pizza joint on 137 Iben Gvirol street: Olivery. This is what Frankie had to say:
The  pizza came from  Olivery . It was amazing and was part of a business lunch including appetizer  and drink under  Nis 60. It was more than enough for two and we brought  home for dinner.  Was asparagus  had veggies and great cheese plus ham and an egg on top. An Italian  restaurant.  With very nice  help. We would go back for sure!
Contact Olivary at 03-544-6076, open 12:00 Noon to 0:30AM. Call ahead to reserve a table on busy occasions or when a larger party is coming. ---  ENJOY! Read More...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tel Aviv's Hidden Business World: Financial Services

AIG is a large retail insurance in Israel, also runs financial operations unrelated to Israel

Would you be surprised to see a large American financial company with 200 employees in the middle of Tel Aviv? Would it be more surprising to hear what they do: the same work as similar workers are doing in New York, London, Shanghai or Berlin? Managing mutual fund portfolios, supporting customers in the US, researching markets (opportunities), analyzing and advising on economic trends, essentially whatever financial workers are doing anywhere. The trend to open a dedicated operation or a department in the financial sector is not new here. What is new is how people make the transition from Paris, London and Sidney to Tel Aviv. In the past a move to Israel was not advised to the faint of heart. Today Tel Aviv's status as a global city similar in character to most European ones is accepted by many. This change is what drives mostly American financial companies to open work centers here. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bread Story: Continues to Bake it Good

Bread Story on a typical weekday evening, still attracting eager sandwich seekers

Bread Story is a bakery / restaurant a block north of Dizengoff center. I noticed this place over two years ago when this location changed ownership. The combination of location and food makes for a successful combination. Freshly baked bread, in French and Italian style, are the base of most dishes. They are combined with salads, a burger, bread bowls (shakshuka, eggs Benedict) and a dozen sandwiches. The location is convenient and the staff gives off a casual carefree air  (88 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv 03-5283888).

Cheap Thrills: Luxury at a Low Price

Cofix site sends a "young and fresh" message, yet offers economy instead
Israelis seem to be a bit schizophrenic about luxury and economy. They want quality products and services, but don't want to spend the extra money. There are some who are still looking for what we describe as a great deal, something of quality at a low price. A few years back it was called the "Subaru Mercedes effect" A car buyer wants a Mercedes but can only afford a Subaru (in the 1980s, the most popular Japanese economy car). Just two years ago, a coffee chain called Cofix, came out with 5 shekel (NIS) coffee. Real Colombian premium coffee, in a small cup, made with an Italian espresso/cappuccino coffee machine for about one half to one third compare to the competition. There was buzz about the idea, complaints about the horrendous cost of a cup of coffee (up to 16 shekels, about US$ 4) and predictions about the length of time the chain will stay in business. Flash forward two years and Cofix is going strong and even opened an economy supermarket location in Tel Aviv. As in the coffee shops: everything for 5 shekels.