Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life in the City - Beuty is skin deep... and cheap

Last week I was watching Fox TV. There was a program about women going to third world countries for cosmetic surgery. Then a doctor from the US came on the screen and gave a speech. You can pretty much guess what a doctor from the US is going to say about any doctor from anywhere, specially on Fox TV! He said even though these women could get their Liposuction, breast implant and nose 'job' for 50% to 70% less money, they should not be going to third world countries, like Thailand, China or Mexico for these operations. He questioned the doctors and pointed out that if there is a problem with your operation in the US, there are plenty of lawyers to help you recoup your expenses and get some sort of "fix".

Proportzia is Israel's most advertised chain of plastic surgery clinics
      To some degree I agree with US doctors. Why go to a third world country when you can go to a first world country. You can also go to a "first rate city" like Tel Aviv and save the same money. Tel Aviv has world class doctors and world class hospitals. There are also world lawyers and lots of them.
      Israel health care system is mostly socialized. I say mostly because plastic and many surgical procedures have been privatized or semi-privatized for years. Patients with means to afford better care and more attention from doctors have funded a small and highly prized "parallel" medical system. Doctors who can and desire to offer more care and in better facilities have also elected to open their own private clinics and to band together and run high quality clinics and even surgical services. For the most part, the actual surgery is done in the state run hospitals. This is specially true in the bigger operations. But, when it comes to patient care, diagnosis, and follow up, private doctors offer services on par with any western private medical system. That is why patients from all over the world end up on Israeli operating tables. This is specially true for NONE plastic operations. From Eye surgery for acute cornea conditions to heart conditions. From Russia to Malaysia and most of African countries. Israeli medical professionals and organizations are open to most patients.
Starmed doctor and specialist referral site, a place to check experience and qualification
      When it comes to elective plastic surgery, Israeli's have been flocking to have their eyes, breasts and fat refocused, enlarged and reduced. This is partly a sign of prosperity in the country and partly a sign of influence from the US and Europe. It is also a sign of the aging population, eye surgery is mostly to people in their 40's to their 60's. Breast and other plastic procedures are also for these from age 35 and up. So if you look at Israel from an outside perspective, you will be delighted by the capability, experience and service here.
Dr. Marcus Harel advertises breast implant services for patients outside Israel
      So, if you want to have cosmetic surgery, call your travel agent and make your plans to come to world class medical city Tel Aviv. Have your surgery and enjoy your recovery in the city by the sea, in a world class hotel with world class service. No need to save money going to a third world city when first class is here for you. See you in Tel Aviv sam-d-man... in the city Read More...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lawyer in the city - a short introduction

Need a lawyer in Tel Aviv? If you are a tourists or you live in Tel Aviv getting good legal advice is no problem. Tel Aviv University has a world class law school. There are also many other good law schools across the country. Weather your legal problem is big or small, lawyers are available to help. If you have a claim against someone don't be afraid to call the Israel Bar association and get a referral. You may also contact us at the blog and we will try to find you someone that can help with finding a lawyer.

Israel Bar Association English page
The lawyers and judges follow generally the same kind of remedies as they do in the United States and Canada. This country has a first world legal system. If you plan on doing business in Israel, hire or consult a lawyer. Some of the laws are very similar to what United State and European business are expecting, but some are not exactly in every detail. Israel has many laws to protect consumers, but in some cases you need to be proactive.
A law firm's Hebrew site
Come to Tel Aviv, relax and enjoy but remember if someone violates your rights or is negligent toward you, get a lawyer... sam-e-man ~ in Tel Aviv, the city Read More...