Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life in the city (part 2)

Today in the city we are going to visit Yermiyahu street in north Tel Aviv. We will take a strol from the end of the street to the corner of Dizengoff.

If we want to take in a good movie a multiplex theater stands there. After we've enjoyed a movie we shall decide what else we would like to enjoy.

If we are hungry we have many choices. Across the street we may munch on a thick juicy hot dog or enjoy the delicacies at the sushi bar. There are many other choices on the street. Italian, Hungarian, Fish, Israeli, Humus or pick up some snacks at a convenience store.

At night we may window shop at the many interesting dress shops. Check out the Ukrainian embassy and Itizk's hardware store, where you also can get your pictures framed.

During the day we could get our hair done at any one of the four salons n the street.

Now we are passing a toy store that is also a photo shop.

As we approach the corner of Dizengoff the entertainment continues. Here we find a bet cafe on each of the 2 corners. These cafe's serve many different coffees, snacks, cakes and a limited menu. As in all the other food venues we will enjoy first rate service from the multilingual staff. One of the cafe's named The Moving when we go upstairs we may also rent a movie.

Now that we have seen a movie and had something to eat, we may party the night away at any one of the two night clubs that rock till the wee hours of the morning. No boredom on this street.

Yermyahu, a street of about 4 city blocks is also a residential neighborhood of many older and new apartment buildings. It is a surreal experience to realize that people work, play, live and raise their families within this mixture of so many facets of life.

The sun is beginning to rise is our signal to call it a night. We say (layla tov) goodnight and go off to rest up for our next experience.

This is life in the city.
Come visit the city.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life in the City

When you see on your television Sex and the City the city need not be identified. The whole world knows that the city is New York. The world should also know that when you think Middle East, "The City" is Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is the most cosmopolitan city in the Middle East. The city boasts a beautiful beach front that rivals any in the world. The beach is lined for miles with world class hotels. At the north end of hotel row is the Tel Aviv port. It spans about 1 1/2 miles of amazing attractions, from world class restaurants, clubs, to the chocolate factory. One could spend an entire week enjoying great food, shopping, water sports, sightseeing life in "The City" or just soaking up the sun.

This City of about 500,000 people has many unique neighborhoods.They all have an exciting life of their own.

It's time that the story of this great City is told.What you see on TV is a lot of crap.Tel Aviv has all New York has to offer. you can safely walk the streets and use an ATM 24/7.

I m going to tell you the real story of "The City". A city where you can enjoy world class hotels, sea & sun, shop 'till you drop, and dine at any one of hundreds of great restaurants.

This is my overview of "The City". Details to follow. Read More...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life in the City - One of the NINE!

The city that cares about the future. Tel Aviv was one of nine cities on this earth that cared enough to celebrate Earth Day with a Live Earth Celebration (July ??, 2007).
The city sponsored with local partisapation a celebration at Rabin Square. The event would make anyone proud. Companies that engage in environmental issues set up stands to promote our only planet. There were organic foods of all types for sale by Israeli organic food producers.
After enjoying the booths and food we could enjoy a movie concerning the environment. The "Our Live Earth Concenrt" began with all the top groups playing like tea pack. All the top pop music to a jam packed crowd of thousands - up to about 20,000.
Our City cares about our future. My question is of the some two hundred countries on this earth why only 9 cities cared. On of these countries Israel, with it's world class city of Tel Aviv cared enough to act. We have only one planet that we must all share. We all should care - not just the NINE (9). Read More...