Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do Israelis Care About Arab Relations? or International Opinion?

A run down Muslim mosque in Tiberius. Israelis do not care and associate enough with Arabs to care. A bad situation as a consequence of the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab wars raging ever since the state became independent in 1948 / image from Israel pikiwiki:

From US president Obama's latest speeches and meeting with Israeli prime minister to business people trading all the way to tourists: one question is asked about Israel:

Do Israelis care about the Arabs? or care about peace with the Palestinians? Do they care about what others think of Israel's image towards the Arabs? 

The short answer: Not always - Israelis are too isolated from Arabs to care much (this is a new development). They are also too disappointed from International media and even more from foreign leaders to care about their image. This is a new situation and it could change. Is this such a bad situation?  YES! ABSOLUTELY!  Israelis care about tsunami victims in Japan and earthquake victims in Haiti. So not caring about hungry Egyptians and their bread riots and Syrian dictatorship protest killing seems downright cruel.