Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Preparation for Gay Pride Tel Aviv

Gay Pride site, Tel Aviv municipality: the events include a parade and a fair
At one time, Tel Aviv was considered THE destination for gays to vacation. From Scandinavia and Germany, to Turkey and Egypt, they came. Especially in the summer months. From countries less tolerant to public display of affection (holding hands to kissing) to countries where the weather simply did not make walking on a summer evening a pleasant experience. The image of Tel Aviv as a gay vacation destination has faded. But the tolerance and acceptance is continuing to grow. Tel Aviv certainly is not going to be the "escape" city San Francisco served in the 1980s, but it is considered the most likely place a gay couple will choose to live and work. This weekend, June 12, there will be a gay pride parade and an event at the Charles Chlor park on the beach. 4 short links:

    Gay Tel Aviv guide    ||     Ha'aretz event schedule    ||    Facebook Parade    ||    JPost Article

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