Friday, July 10, 2015

Free WiFi in Tel Aviv - Work in Progress [update]

Tel Aviv WiFi Landing Page - English Version, WiFi is live but not everywhere
A few years ago Tel Aviv city hall announced a free WiFi in the city "project". As part of giving Tel Aviv an international image, I guess the idea of seeing people sitting in cafes and working on laptops,was an idea who's time has come. The city was going to provide hot spots at least in the commercial areas. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pizza from Olivery on Iben Gvirol - Tel Aviv

Frankie and Jerry just visited a great Pizza joint on 137 Iben Gvirol street: Olivery. This is what Frankie had to say:
The  pizza came from  Olivery . It was amazing and was part of a business lunch including appetizer  and drink under  Nis 60. It was more than enough for two and we brought  home for dinner.  Was asparagus  had veggies and great cheese plus ham and an egg on top. An Italian  restaurant.  With very nice  help. We would go back for sure!
Contact Olivary at 03-544-6076, open 12:00 Noon to 0:30AM. Call ahead to reserve a table on busy occasions or when a larger party is coming. ---  ENJOY! Read More...