Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On The Way to Jerusalem

A remainder to the 1948 siege on Jerusalem: steel plate armored truck on the road to Jerusalem @ D-A Vider 2016
The road to Jerusalem evokes different emotions in each of us. Christian pilgrims coming from thousands of miles away are excited to end a life long journey. Anticipating a life changing event as they enter the city. they will remember every detail vividly. Zionists, who heard stories told by and old man on the Burma road can hardly believe the small rusted trucks used to break the 1948 siege. On the 480 Egged bus from Tel Aviv, most of the riders are in their own little worlds. Tourists even on their own, are not seen on buses these days. Organized groups travel in their own buses. Individuals rent cars. If you want to see how Israelis travel take a public bus.