Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Trip to Haifa

Bahai gardens surrounding the domed temple are an amazing example what can be done with gardening and attention to beauty, © 2016, D-A Vider
Haifa, Israel's third largest city is less than an hour by car. Haifa is probably Israel's least known tourists destination. The city has an image of an industrial center. Israel's largest sea port gives the shore and beaches a sense of not really ready for prime time sun bathing. But the city has upgraded it's beaches and even the locals are starting to make the place their destination.
During the long chol ha'moed school vacation, families take a ten day vacation (sukkot). This gave us a chance to visit the city. The Baha'i temple and surrounding gardens are an amazing place. Right in the middle of the city, rising on a hill side overlooking the bay, they are one of the most amazing example of gardening you will find in Israel. More pictures to come, enjoy...

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gary said...

How do you "Like" a post? I have been to the Bahai Temple in Haifa. Nice article!