Sunday, November 20, 2016

Autism Fund Raiser in Barby Tel Aviv

Israel's independent social services foundations take up the slack when the state can not support special needs. There are hundreds of foundations, especially for children with special needs. Luckily Israeli artists, especially performers, help in raising money and awareness for these kids. Last week a small foundation for parents with Autistic children put on a benefit concert. The concert at Barby Tel Aviv, one of the city's premier rock clubs was packed. 
Fund raisers for non-profit foundations rarely put on rock concerts in clubs. For the most part they raise donations directly in public spaces and door-to-door. There are also phone, mail (electronic and traditional) campaigns. But fund raising in more creative forms is rare. This Autism foundation, like many other small ones, is competing for attention and shekels of the Israeli public. There are many useful social causes here and not enough state support. The need to communicate and reach people with special need is also a chronic problem. Even with state and private help, many foundations are not reaching the ones in need. Concerts and special events also help get the word out. This was certainly evident in the crowd. Many came not only for the music, but as support to the organizers.

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