Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sarona Park: Summer Music Memories

Fall came late this year. Up to mid-November Tel Aviv weather was unseasonably warm. Sarona park, the newly built shopping and eating commercial park on Kaplan street is attracting people with live events. Up to October local bands put on early evening (7 - 9 PM) concerts. I can't say these were Tel Aviv's finest performers. Yet the combination of a warm night, nice park setting and food all around in this part of town did the trick. The last days of September and early November a German style Oktoberfest turned out to be the last outdoor entertainment event.
What is Sarona's success secret? Not one factor or a single advantage. It's a combination of location (accessible to cars and available parking), steady growth of Israeli disposable income, a large selection of shops and restaurants in one location (a large area) and no direct competition in the price range at this part of town (new part of town in terms of urban redevelopment). These factors seemed to have been carefully planned. Let's hope planning and good execution is enough of a formula for a long term success.

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