Monday, December 5, 2016

Crane Migration Through Israel

Crane migration through Israel is somewhat of a hidden secret. A few tourists or business travelers make it to this biannual bird ritual. Yet Israelis flock to see the migration in spring and fall. To some this is an annual family event. This is as close as you are going to come to seeing animal migration in nature. If you ever wanted to see a massive migration, from rain deer in the arctic circle to elephants and buffalo in Africa, this is a sure way to get a taste of nature's fierce power. Seeing thousands of birds at one place taking off all at once is simply amazing.
During the migration seasons the Hula bird sanctuary is a packed with visitors to the gills. Yet all the people hubbub does not affect the birds. They make their own noise seem unaffected by anything except getting to their final destination. Their migration behavior goes back centuries or millennia and our bit of noise from intrusive gawkers is not going to stop the trek. Israel is located in an opportune spot. Some migratory birds can cross the Mediterranean straight from Europe to Africa, but that long flight without a stop is long.
The biannual migration also keeps local birds of pray fed and happy. Seeing a hawk for the first time diving with folded wings aiming at a tiny gray crane is amazing. To the faint of heart, especially kids, watching a hunt live could be difficult. If you don't like to see true nature in it's raw cruelty, just go somewhere lese. But in Hula bird preserve you can see amazing natural bird behavior, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Go see nature, it will amaze you. 

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