My Services: Improvement & Creation

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Reading Blogs, Analysis, Improvement & Results:

I read, analyze, improve and track results of blog creation and promotion. The process essentially matches business needs to the blog content and promotion (in social media sites.) The blog is one of the most useful tools of communication today. In some industries, it is the leading form of keeping customers and industry partners informed. Most blog writers and editors never hear enough feedback on their blog content, style and promotion. This is unfortunate, since the goal of a blog is to connect with customers. Experience in matching blog content to business needs (marketing, promotion, sales, etc.) and an outsider's perspective, gives me an ability to help editors and writers improve their blogs effectiveness.

Are You Missing A Key Success Factor? 

What will make your message creation and delivery successful? What can you tell hundreds of people to make them reply? These are the most useful questions to ask yourself. If you can start with these questions, I can help you develop techniques for messages, articles, locations to promote them (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Portals and Newspapers...)
Next comes the early development, testing and improvement. This is one area where most people are amazed what can be done on the web today. People will respond to your message and you can get a dialog going. This is what bloggers have been doing for the last decade. Today there is also a large effort in communication using Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and MySpace.

Custom Services: Blog in a Week

A blog can be set-up and written in a week. We can start developing your message strategy and test it on real people quickly (in days). To your specification, I will create a blog and/or social media page. Taking into account your style, goals, budget and ability to write and promote. Blogs are an effective way to communicate a short message in an article format. Blog design and content varies over a wide range, from artistic and creative to serious business style. Blogs are used by individuals, companies and organizations to communicate. New micro-blogging sites like Twitter are designed to communicate short messages and help inform users of deeper content on blogs. Social media pages like Facebook and Linked-In are used to communicate with large number of people. You can build a connection to thousands of people and get to know them on a personal level. 

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Message Strategy: Research, Testing, Training

Large projects need development plans and research. Blog and article testing for subject effectiveness is also useful before introducing an important product (or idea) blog. Testing promotion strategy such as effectiveness of social media sites, related blog linking and other promotion techniques is also helpful to assure a successful blog introduction. I offer services to enable you a better blog design with the right style and message.

Content Development: Writing, Images, Available Material

Blogs are useful as resources within a narrow specialty. For bloggers: individual professionals, product marketers, sales organizations and technology leaders, writing and editing images is time consuming. Yet they need to get their information on a blog. They also need to make sure blogs maintain steady flow of comments and are referenced on industry leading blogs and social media sites. Managing content can be tedious. It seems like the blogger who really like their specialty area also enjoy blogging. If your blogging becomes tedious, hire a ghost writer, an editor and a copywriter. It will improve your blog and will make your life better.

Results, Process and adjustments

Promotion results vary with the field and audience. There are also variation depending on the content quality and frequency of article and promotion message release. In order to assure high quality and good results, during the initial phase of the work, daily contact needs to be maintained. Once the writing and publication achieve the desired results, calls or meeting once to twice a week are common. Internet promotion gives managers effective reach at a low cost. This can translate to hundreds to thousands of interested customers. Compare to other forms of promotion, Internet content can achieve many times the result at a lower cost. But basic setup work and network building may take longer to establish than paid advertising and e-Mail campaigns. This may mean more investment in the early stages of the work or longer time to establish the base audience and content. Please contact me for examples and to research preliminary resources for estimates.
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