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Trees and bushes in Sde-Boker. With the right irrigation and gardening techniques, lush green gardening can be accomplished in this desolate desert / © 2010

Real Life in Tel Aviv blog covers all kind of businesses. If you have a pub, restaurant, shop or service we would like to write your story. We do one story with a photo as an introduction. If you have something special such as a new menu, shop renovation or a service special, we may do another story.

Sponsored Articles:

Do you have a great story to tell about your business? Do you want someone to write about your business from a customer view? We wrote great restaurant reviews that brought in customers and gave the restaurant great exposure. These are called "sponsored" articles. If you are interested in sponsoring articles, please contact Ami. We understand the difficulty in promoting small businesses, specially on the Internet. Real Life in Tel Aviv blog has a few thousand visitors a month. Some restaurant stories can be found on Google first and second page and the stories are referenced in hundred of other locations on the Internet (blogs, index sites.) Shops, small hotels, services like tour guides and cleaners can also benefit from sponsored stories.

Advertising Space:

We have advertising space at the right hand column. If you have a site or want to direct your ad to a landing page, please contact Ami.