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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why They Come to Tel Aviv? Boutique Hotels & Designer Shops

Tel Aviv beaches, nice weather year around, boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants... the hidden secrets of the city get lost among overwhelming media coverage of the Palestinian security stories. / © 2010

A cousin of mine in Boston once said that Tel Aviv does not have any upscale boutique hotels. It is not a cosmopolitan destination like New York, Paris, London, Berlin or even Prague. She wants Tel Aviv to attract world class designers, investors and tourists. That is what makes a city a boutique tourist destination, both image and reality. She was riding that boutique life "wave" of the 1990s and 2000s. When the Internet was fresh and the housing boom was driving construction of small hotels in the US and Europe. Boutiques were the next thing in America. Everybody wanted more than the just polished big brands. Hilton and Sheraton were for conventions and for the "old school" traveler. The cool young executives were creating a new style, boutique was in. Half of the driving force for the trend came from these new designers and retail entrepreneurs. The other half came from travel spending. This is a very American, even a New Yorker way of looking at things. But the good times in boutique hotels in New York, Boston and London did not last long. In Europe and Asia it has slowed down. In Tel Aviv it is still going, slowly, but still going.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jeff Pulver on Tel Aviv Restaurants: Brasserie M&R, Rothschild 12

Jeff Pulver is one of these people who is comfortable anywhere in Israel. He is a quiet man who runs around Israeli start-ups and tries to figure out which ones are winners and how to get them to be a winners in a world wide scale. It seems like he is in Tel Aviv about 1/2 of his time, but it's probably much less. On his Facebook page, there is an ordinary entry about an interview on TimeOut magazine:

Check out Time Out Tel Aviv - March 2010 issue - (Flip to page 12 for a familiar face)

If you go to the TimeOut he mentions on page 12, he recommends two restaurants in Tel Aviv: Brasserie M&R and Rothschild 12. The Brasserie M&R I wrote about a long time ago. It is one of these places that figured out a way to keep the quality and style as it is. Rothschild 12 [Hebrew page (achbar ha'yir) ] [foursquare page EN] is one of these famous places where you can rub elbows with Israel's fashionable set (Pulver is a guest in this club.)

Nice to hear that someone who has been all over the world likes the restaurants and hotels in Tel Aviv. Look out for reviews like Pulver to get a real sense of what people like in Tel Aviv. Obviously you don't know Pulver's taste and preferences, but it may be more reliable (and personal) than a big blog or a tourist site review. Read More...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hotel Location in Tel Aviv: What to Do and Where to Do It

Looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv is easy, a google search of "hotels tel aviv" returns 3,580,000 results and 11 advertisements. All this action is driven by Google's search and advertising system. People search for hotels and therefore bloggers and web site developers write about hotels. In comparison "restaurants tel aviv" gives only 1,880,000 results and 3 advertisers, most pages are written by locals for locals, "rock climbing tel aviv" gives 18,200 results and "judo tel aviv" give 55,900 results. But google and most of the hotel sites usually don't tell you much about where you are and where to find that fun and interesting "stuff". Stuff you can do, places to see, experience like the native Tel Avivians. To hard core bikers and surfers, niche sport sites can be a better place to get information on hotels near where you are going to be doing your activities. Other information such as experience with a rental business or where to find a diving partner may direct you to the part of town where to stay. I spoke with a SCUBA instructor and he explained how the one rental shop on the water may not be the best choice for experienced divers. Although most divers come to Israel for Eilat on the Red Sea, there is still good diving around Tel Aviv, so ask a local diver. There are also groups that will give you information and even let you tag along when they dive together. There are other places to dive just north and south of the city, in 45 minutes you can be in Caesarea and dive among Roman columns from a 2000 year old pier.

If you are looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv, you may want to find other things first. On a business trip and want to Kayak? Make sure you can get to the Tel Aviv marina just off Gordon street. You can also ask someone in a nearby hotel for a boat reservation. If you stay far away from the beach it may take more time and trouble than it's worth during morning traffic. The same goes with Judo and rock climbing. There is a rock climbing wall in the Ha'yarkon park, if you are staying in the very north section of the beach area it's a walk away. Would you like to start your day biking or running in the park? Ha'yarkon park runs along the whole city from the Mediterranean eastward through Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak. It has long paths, is well maintained and even serious runners on most mornings would appreciate the scenery.


Friday, October 5, 2007

A First Time Visitor's Impressions of Tel Aviv

Wallamberg Street tech area in north Tel Aviv
Editor's note: I am always amazed and excited about what some people say the first time in Tel Aviv. Specially with people who seem to be well travelled and informed. It goes back to my first observation about the huge amount of negative press about Israel, mostly related to nationalism, security and terrorism. So enough of that and let's get to the impression from Hank... (thanks!)


Shalom from Hudson, Massachusetts.

I've been enjoying your Tel Aviv blog since finding your comment on my blog. I wrote about an upcoming trip to Tel Aviv.

Well, except for the 12 hour plan ride from Newark, NJ, the trip was great. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the beach. Its a very scenic beach surrounded by activity - volley ball, coffee shops, pubs, etc. Unfortunately I was on a business trip and we didn't a lot of spare time. I was able to take a swim and the water was perfect. There was only had one day for sight seeing which was spent in Jerusalem.

Azrielli Towers, triangle on the left

Our work week began on Sunday morning, which was a small adjustment. The company I work for has its offices on three of the floors of one of the Azrieli Towers- the triangular one. Great views! We could see all of Tel Aviv, the sea, and the military complex below it. We spend a couple of our lunches in the mall below it. On two of the days we traveled to Migdal Haemek to visit a contract manufacturer. This gave us a chance to see some of the area North of Tel Aviv.

We spent the nights walking along the Ocean Walk finding a restaurant for dinner, then walking back. (The best were the Boya and the Mantaray.)

Observations and surprises:

--> The similarities in the engineering staff in Tel Aviv to that in the US office. Same dress code, same mannerisms, same gripes, etc.
--> The number of US companies that have operations in Israel.
--> How well all of the people we came in contact with spoke English (all except the cab drivers.)
--> The modern architecture in the commercial buildings in Tel Aviv.
-->The soldiers walking around the mall carrying weapons.
--> There's some pretty good Israeli music.
--> The high income and automobile tax rate.
--> The smallness of Israel.
--> The large relative size of the West Bank
--> The number of Muslim Arabs in Israel - about 18% of the population.
--> Excellent food.
--> All of our Israeli coworkers were good natured and love to good debate. (The meetings were very spirited.)
--> Some of the traffic would give Route 128 in the Boston area a run for the money.
--> Political discussions: none.

Because we made the trip, we are now in daily contact with the people in the Tel Aviv office. We also feel like we know a little bit about about Tel Aviv. We may have to make another trip or two to learn more.

That's my experience. The posts about the Tel Aviv / Israel trip can be found at

Hank

Friday, September 14, 2007

Shalom Hotel in Tel Aviv - Port and beach rest

Why don't you try the Shalom Hotel in the old Tel Aviv port area. Its located at 216 Ha'yarkon street, right across from the port. This boutique hotel with 50 large renovated rooms will provide you with a comfortable place to rest. Specially after a busy day in Tel Aviv.
The Shalom Hotel is steps away from the beach and the old Tel Aviv port area. Here you will find shops, restaurants and bars overlooking the Mediterranean. The Shalom is also a short walk from the Ha'yarkon park, Tel Aviv's "central park". The park straddles Ha'yarkon stream and has miles of paths for cycling and waling and acres of lawns. There are also play areas for children of all ages. The Shalom Hotel is across from the Tel Aviv Hilton, you can have the location at a great discount.
Room rates will be tailored to your budget, with off season rooms in the $85 to $140 range (there is a small discount for Internet bookings at their site).
The staff at the Shalom wants you to feel that this is your home away from home. Call the Shalom: +972-3-524-3277 Read More...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Staying in the City: Tal Hotel in the Port and Beach Area

Tal Hotel Dining Room

Welcome to the Tal Hotel. The Tal is next to the Beach and only a two minute walk to the Tel Aviv Port area. The port is loaded with fine restaurants serving a wide variety of menus. There is also great nightlife when the sun goes down, bars, clubs and a great walkway on the water.
Your stay at the Tat will include a modern appointed guest room. The rooms include cable TV, safe and a small kitchenette with a refrigerator and cofee maker. The hotel's dining room and bar is designed in a modern motif. There is also complementary wireless Internet service through the premises.
Night run near Tal Hotel

Breakfast is included in the room rate. The Tal is a medium size hotel with 120 guest rooms. Rates in the off season range between $126 and $146. The Tal is located at 287 Ha'yarkon street, Tel Aviv. Phone +972-3-542-5500.
While you enjoy sea, sun and fun in Tel Aviv, come stay at the Tal Hotel //sam-d-man Read More...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Grand Beach Hotel - Tel Aviv Port Area

Grand Beach guest room

Looking for a full service hotel at very reasonable rates? Try the Grand Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv. This hotel is located in the heart of the renovated port area at 250 Ha'yarkon Street. This is a medium size hotel, with 12 stories and 212 rooms. The rooms are attractively furnished in modern style. Full food and beverage facilities including a beautiful dining room is ready to serve your every need.
The rooms are air conditioned, have cable TV and are equipped with a refrigerator, hairdryer and a safe.
This is an excellent location. In the evening you are minutes walk to fine dining and great nightlife at the port area. During the day the port offers shopping and wide variety of restaurants. You are also at a walking distance to Yermiyahu and Dizengoff shopping and dining. But still have the beach nearby and the quiet of the north west corner of Tel Aviv's old north section.
Modern Interior at the Grand Beach

A nice perk is the swimming pool on the roof, just in case you choose not to head to the beach, five minute walk from your door. Enjoy your stay in Tel Aviv at a full service updated hotel for only $110 (double occupancy, B&B) and $94 (single, B&B). Contact info: Tel: +972-3-543-3333, from Israel: 03-543-3333, Grand Beach web site // sam-d-man Read More...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A cute small hotel - Melody Hotel (Atlas Group)

Atlas Group's New Boutique: Melody Hotel

Overlooking the Mediterranean sea the Melody hotel at 220 Ha'yarkon is a boutique hotel. This 55 room boutique, is ready to serve your every need. It is located within walking idstance to the beach and many attractions of the Tel Aviv Port (a revitalized old port serving as a cafe and restaurant hub a the north end of the beach strip).

All the rooms are completely up to date (AC, Cable TV, coffee / refrigerator, Internet) and decorated in modern block motif. The hotel provides breakfast in the morning and there are lots of choices for restaurants a short walk away (a large choice of takeout is also available at this location). The lobby is a great place to pick up complementary snacks and drinks all day.

The Melody is part of the Atlas Group hotels. Its located at 220 Ha'yarkon, Tel Aviv. You may phone from outside Israel: +972-3-521-5300, in Israel: 03-521-5300. On the Internet: Melody Hotel.

The Melody will provide sweet music for your stay in Tel Aviv. Rates range from $176 B.B. low season for two, to $235 B.B. July / August for two. Read More...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A residence hotel in north Tel Aviv Port and Beach

Looking for an apartment hotel at a reasonable rate? Give the Attereth Havakook a try. This hotel is located on a small street, Havakook #7, between Hayarkon and the beach. A very convenient location for sea and sun, only a few minutes walk to all the dining, shopping and party going at the hot Tel Aviv renovated old port area.

The rooms are a little on the old side and breakfast is served at a kosher eating area on the first floor. On a hot August morning most of the visitors were already out and about. The Havakook seem to attract religious families from Israel and abroad. The close beach location and proximity to north Tel Aviv was the mainattraction to them. Also, within walking distance is the large Ha'yarkong park which stretches along the Ha'yarkon stream for a few kilometers. Just south of Havakook is the beach promenade and the main beaches of Tel Aviv. This location is just a block away from the famous Tel Aviv Hilton, get the location at a fraction of the cost!
Habakook Residence Hotel

The Havakook offers you a studio and one bedroom apartment with a double sofa bed. You will find a fully equipped kitchen, cable T.V., phone, air conditioning and maid service. There is also free secured parking.

During low season, all year except July and August, the rates range between $107 and $137 depending on room size.

Phone the Havakook: (from outside Israel) +972-3-604-2222 in Israel 03-604-2222.

If you want a suite by the sea, see you at the Havakook.

(in the picture, Havakook hotel right from center, second highest building) Read More...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hotel in the new port area - Armon Ha'yarkon

A lovely small boutique hotel, the Armon Ha'yarkon (Palace of the Yarkon*) (50 rooms) located within five minutes walk from the beach. You may enjoy great sea, sun and sand. At the beach, just south of the port, are a few cafes serving a variety of food and drinks.
This hotel is also only a few minutes walk to the famous port of Tel Aviv. The port area was renovated a few years ago and became one of the best area to dine and sit by the water. Here you will find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, night clubs and shopping.
Armon Ha'yarkon provides: 40 channel cable T.V., free in-room internet access, telephone, refrigerator, air-conditioning plus breakfast included in the room rate.
Avi will be your host and the lovely and polite young lady at the desk will help you enjoy your stay in the city at the Armon hotel - 268 Ha'yarkon street, Tel: (from outside Israel) +972-3-605-5271, (from Israel) 03-605-5271. Rates (off season) range from about $100 - $125 including breakfast. No other room service.

* The Yarkon is a small stream running to the sea just north of the old Tel Aviv. It is also a section of the city and the main street running along the mediterranian coast. Yarkon street is an address to some of the bigger hotels (chains like Hilton, Dan and Carlton) and the main access to the beaches.