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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sarona Market: Struggling to Survive

Red Band, a rock puppet act, at Sarona Market Tuesday night show / © 2017 D-A Vider
It may seem a bit strange: a high end boutique shops and cafes, at the edge of Tel Aviv, with half a dozen hot chefs's promotion, struggling to survive? The newest dining and shopping center in Tel Aviv is not getting the foot traffic, it is situated at the edge of Tel Aviv's commercial center. It competes with and established shopping at Azrieli. The shops and restaurants are at the high end of the shopping scale. These are the challenges facing a new shopping center. The opportunity to build and establish an up market shopping center in a great open location in Tel Aviv is also interesting.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Daniella Lehavi and Luxury Shopping in Tel Aviv

Daniella Lehavi is a well established luxury leather accessory brand in Israel, bags after shopping, Givatay'im May 2016

Tel Aviv is trying desperately to lure local luxury item shoppers. But with cheap travel to Europe and plenty of imported global branded items, the job is a tough one. Israeli designers have tried to establish a local luxury market for years, yet many fail. One success story is Daniella Lehavi [site here]. Still a relatively small retail chain with ten shops in central Israel. The shops are small boutiques with a few selected items from each category. The site and catalog show many more items available. The luxury accessory shoppers don't mind small boutiques, they happily support them. With the growth of mall shopping, essentially making them the primary shopping destination in Israel, Lehavi is taking advantage of the exposure. Israelis are not living the luxury lifestyle yet, but when they get there, Lehavi is happy to offer them local leather accessories.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gindi Tel Aviv Old Wholesale Market Project

Gindi's Givon / Old Wholesale Market project is one of Tel Aviv's biggest
In a central part of Tel Aviv, a large parcel of land from the old wholesale market is in the midst of construction. One of the last large pieces of land in the middle of the city is being turned into a luxury complex befitting the fast and furious 1990s and 2000s. Decades with flair and decadence not seen here for a long time. In an effort to make a large project safe for investors and worth the opportunity, Gindi and city planners are designing a whole luxury neighborhood. The complex includes parks, schools, retail spaces, all at a luxury level only seen one building at a time. The project was conceived at the peak of euphoria in Tel Aviv real estate luxury development era. It is still left to be seen if such a large number of luxury apartments can be sold all at once. Yet, the developers and investors seem not to worry, as construction is going full tilt.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Luxury Homes in Green: Gardens and Parks (in the city)

The first impressions of Israel people remember is “the green”. It surprises Europeans and Americans, who come from wet climate, to see so much green foliage in a semi-arid environment. Israel's history explains the obsession with making the land green. So today, one of the luxuries in living is having a private garden or living close to a public garden. The ultimate luxury is a private garden, no matter how small. From a few large pots on a balcony to a piece of land enough for one large fruit tree. All the way to living at the edge of a public garden (similar to American obsession of building at the edge of a private golf course.)