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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Legal Graffiti @ Wok Repulic

Urban graffiti mural inside the Wok Republic restaurant on Ben Yehuda | Copyright © 2015 DAVider
If you read the last few posts, we covered a few graffiti drawings in Tel Aviv. From the last story about the Wok Republic, here is a mural on the wall inside the restaurant. Gritty urban lifestyle has not taken a hold in Tel Aviv. There are many theories, mine is simply based on the wide range of people and lifestyles you can find in Israel's central area. Tel Aviv is a home of countless lifestyles. The gritty urban flavor, mostly imported from rundown cities around the world (US and Europe in particular) is not an attractive mainstream hit. But Tel Avivians still like to imitate the world's style. In general, there are not many Tel Aviv businesses decorated with graffiti like murals. This one is a nice one.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Meir Ariel - Neshel Ha'nachash

Meir Ariel (1942-1999) [wikipedia / HE] [wikipedia / EN]was one of Israel's loved singer-songwriter. Most people remember him for his sad ballads. His style reminiscent of Bob Dylan, in blogs you see comments on his songs "it's the words..." His first song was written during the six day war, Jerusalem of Iron [HE] was influenced by the Neomi Shemer song Jerusalem of Gold [EN] [HE]. The song's success lead him to the belief that his role as a soldier in the fight for Jerusalem and the war's success contributed to the song's success. He called his song's success "just a gimmick". This lead him to return to his kibbutz (Mishmoret) and to normal life. He married and volunteered for a mission to the US where two children a boy and a girl were born. In the US he was influenced by the music of Bob Dylan. He wrote in his style and kept that style for most of his life. In his return to Israel he tried his hand at the movie business in Tel Aviv. In 1973 at the break of the Yom Kippur war he served in the Suez canal. He returned to his kibbutz and was appointed the kibbutz's secretary. In 1978 he released his first album "holiday and event song and falling". The album contained three hit songs which put Meir on the Israeli pop map. -- For more on Meir Ariel's story see the wikipedia page in English [also Hebrew]


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hadag Nachash [pop-rap] - fusion of middle eastern, Israeli, into Rap

Hadag Nachash - The Sticker Song, about how stickers which are posted everywhere reflect a society so fractured that nobody hears anybody else and it all makes no sense. Yes we keep on "stickering" :-)

Tel Aviv has a sound, it's something between European pop (think Abba) and American Folk ~ than add a little rap and 80's rock. At the edges you get jazz, classical, folk (from American to Russian), and in hidden clubs - aha, the house/acid/old_skool you find in most western dance ... Now back to Hadag Nachash - the group sings or actually raps on life in Israel, like their older mentors Teapacks (article) they do it with humor and not "in your face". In "The Sticker Song" they mix a bunch of Israeli stereotypes from religious to rapers to settlers. Essentially commenting on the rediculous ideas behind stickers (which you find just about everywhere in Tel Aviv). It's funny how nobody actually pays attention to these stickers which are posted everywhere. "The sticker song" is not exactly protest as much as a commentary of how our society has become so fractured with ideas that nobody really cares about anyone who is not in his own little world. The song got lots of air play and made non-pop-rap listeners take a second look at this group. Just like Teapacks they are lots of fun to watch. Their videos are a perfect match to the lyrics, so watch and enjoy...

Hadag Nachash in "California" a spoof on a trip to record in Southern California and the trip. Take a look at what their version of the famous Hollywood sign says :-)'
On YouTube search for "hadag nachash"
Hadag Nachash literally translates to "The Fish Snake" but it's also a play on words which means "Fishing a snake" ~ take a look at their logo, a "rap boy" pissing :-)' Read More...