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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring in Tel Aviv: Slow, Quiet & Flowery

Winter 2018 is over, spring is here without a roar © D-A Vider 2018

Winter 2018 was dry and quiet. I remember only one small storm without flooding or power outages. So chalk it off to another drought year here in Israel. Spring is not waiting for the last rains to fall. The dry climate here pretty much requires watering all year long. This is especially true this year. There are a few green thumbs with flowering pots in the windows.  But in general Israeli apartment buildings are drab with very few flowering pots popping new flowers in the spring.  My pots are not the greatest by any standard, but this one pot with bulbs in the spring is incredible for two to four weeks. This year flowering started a little early. Probably the few hot days, with temperatures above 25°C (77°F) are fooling mother nature. For my small contribution, at least for the next two weeks, there is a bit of color with the morning kitchen routine. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring in Israel (2016 season)

Anat in front of flowering tree in Givatayim.
Spring this year arrived early. After a few rainy days, higher temperatures and clear sunny days quickly reminded us of where we live. In New England after hard winters the say "if you can stand the winter, you deserve the summer". Here they should say the opposite: "if you can stand the summer, you deserve the spring". Spring brings clear days and cool evenings. Flowers burst out after the last winter rains. Somehow this year it seems like the flowers are blooming all at once. The last two weeks it's been a feast for the eyes and the nose. If you come to visit Tel Aviv in the spring, go to where the flowers are blooming. In Tel Aviv there are a few "green" streets where the blooms are glorious. Enjoy the spring, the summer will surely push a few of us hot and bothered.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tel Aviv Beach end of February 2016

Sunny warm weather brought out Tel Avivians to the beach, end of February 2016
A few weeks ago the buzz on the street seesawed between anti-Zionist rumblings from Europe (mostly the UK) and political noise over domestic issues (security, economy, democratic policy). But weather and everyday life tends to send politics and economics to yesterday's newspaper pile (out of sight, out of mind?) Last Saturday, the end of a rainy February here, was one such day. Unseasonably warm and sunny, brought the huddled masses out to the sunshine. The beach was one place to find families and bikers, even a few sun worshipers who are an unexpected bunch this time of year. Foreigners criticize Tel Avivian's for ignoring all kind of political, security and economic issues. We hear from Americans to Swedish critics how Israelis should care more about injustice and pain felt by the people who are not as fortunate as the upper class. My answer is: go to the beach. The sand and sun are free. A soft drink or ice cream costs 8 to 16 shekels (US$ 2.5 to 4). And the talk ranges from work to cost of living to public transpiration. This is the real Israeli middle class, taking a day off from work and annoying foreign criticism. Which seems like a real misunderstanding once you are here and living the life of the average working stiff. Just for comparison, temps around the world: St. Petersburg: -4; Tokyo: +6; Toronto: -1; Seattle, WA: 10; London: 5; TEL AVIV:  18 @ 3PM to 10 deg C.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Few Boulders & A Shallow Rainwater Pool

A few big boulder and a tiny rainwater pool, remnants from hard rain a few days ago, they didn't stop most hikers...

Everyone has a preference when hiking outdoors. Some like it when the weather is perfect. Some like it when the crowds are somewhere else (not when the weather is beautiful). Some like it when the terrain is rough and the going is tough (they like a challenge). Some like to "smell the flowers" (usually take the kids, pick-nick, take a few iPhone pictures and head home). Before heading out on an outside adventure, check the route, the difficulty level and the weather. In this picture, there are a few large boulders, but getting around them was not difficult. Right after the rains, outdoor hikes are amazing. Ask any Israeli that prays for a bit of shade on a hot August afternoon. As Nike says: "Just Do It !"

Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter Weather: If You Can Stand the Summer, You Deserve...

Israel's relatively dry climate, even in winter, is great for desert outings, Enjoy!
Israel's dry climate is notorious in the summer. Especially in the southern parts of the country. In the winter, after a few days of rain, outdoor activity is a real treat. I heard this swaying in Maine (USA): "if you can stand the winter, you deserve the summer" ~ in Israel we should say: "if you can stand the summer, you deserve the winter". This canyon (pictured above) with steep walls was one of the most amazing places to hike in the Arava region (the desert section on the south-eastern side of Israel mostly bordering Jordan). Just north of Masada there are many trails in open terrain and canyons. Cool winter weather is a great time to go to the south. There are organized groups with trips for hikers, bikers or bus trips. If you are not able to hike a whole day, pick a trip with more sight seeing by bus. Families and individuals are also out in numbers. If you are a tourist and are not familiar with trips to the Israeli outdoors, ask at your hotel or look for organized trips (flyers and internet pages). Especially on Fridays and Saturdays, the Israeli weekend you can find trips to the outdoors.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rainbow over Israel

Incredible full rainbow after the rain, 1-Jan-2016
Israel is not exactly known for rainbows. There are simply not enough rainy days here. But once in a while we see this kind of rainbow and it's amazing. This is a picture nanny-Frankie got from her daughter. When I get a great picture it's always worth posting. Keep on shooting, once in a while we get one that everyone loves. Thanks Frankie!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter Tel Aviv Sunrise

Sunrise in North Tel Aviv / late December 2015 / (C) D-A Vider, 2015
Winter weather in Tel Aviv brings beautiful sunrises. Here is Frankie's latest picture from the balcony on Zabotinsky & Sokolov. Got to get up early these days to catch the sunrise. Enjoy!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Breaks in Rain Storms Brings Surfers Out to Play

Break between rain showers bring out surfers, the wind is steady with little gusts / black flag indicated "no swimming" usually when the beach is not attended or waves are too high /

Winter in Israel comes down to comfortable temperatures and a few rain storms. Most storms comes from the west over the Mediterranean. Storm fronts last from a few hours to a few days. The last two weeks the coast has been experiencing days with rain lasting up to an hour with a few hour breaks between. When the weather clears for a few hours, the crowds stream out to the streets. Surfers (wind, para-sail & plain old short board) hurry to catch the wind and waves. The weather is a bit cooler than in summer, but a wet suite is all that's needed to enjoy the water. Tourists coming during inclement weather wonder how Tel Avivians are so quick to enjoy these breaks. But ask any surfer what it's like to be out in winter, and you will understand.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Early Fall - Tel Aviv Beaches Shift with Wind

Parasails floating in an abstract dance, dusk, Tel Aviv beach, early November 2015
This year's early rains and storms are keeping sun bathers away from the beaches. But when the sandy beaches clear, surfers and parasail surfing is going strong.The last two weeks weather has been swinging between warm calm days and blustery rainy ones. Parasail surfers are out in numbers, especially in the late afternoon hours when wind off the Mediterranean is strong and steady.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Bright Hilton Beach after the Rain

Hilton beach after the rain, cool weather keeps the beaches empty / @ DAVider 2015

The last few days, light rains broke the hot late summer days heat wave. Temperatures are down to the mid 20s to low 30s (from mid 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit). The beaches are almost empty from sun worshipers. The political security issues of the last week is also keeping some tourists away. But the weather is glorious. Two days of light rains has cleared the air from dust. The beaches are clean. Light winds are kicking up a few waves, keeping the surfers happy. Come to the beach, take a walk and a quick dip, enjoy the great breeze and just take in the scenery.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Skies Clearing - Still Hot

4th day of haze, dust storms from Syria (north east) bring fine dust and hot weather © A Vider 2015
Why write and photograph Tel Aviv's hazy skies? That's not an important issue, most people are not concerned about bad weather a few days a year. It's the strange sense of being mildly irritated from missing great late-summer weather that's the news. Not really news, as much as an observation with regard to change is preferences. Because Israel is such a great place to live, weather wise, somehow this is an issue. In Tel Aviv we expect hot summers, but not intolerable (this is not the Libyan Sahara or the Arabian desert of Qatar). Strange how Tel Avivians take for granted the weather, and then when it turns hazy for three days, it becomes a news item. Just one indication of something we enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Third Day of Haze - Clearing Up

For the third day now, Tel Aviv's skies are filled with hazy dust. Strong storms from the north-east (Syria) are covering Israel with a fine layer of red dust. For early fall, late summer, this weather pattern is unusual. This morning the skies looked a little less dark than the past two days.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Haze Continues in Tel Aviv for Second Day

The second day of haze continues to engulf the city slowing down traffic and irritating residents. The dust storm, coming from the north east, originating in Syria is odd for this time of year. Health authorities warn residents with pulmonary conditions to stay indoors and avoid strenuous activity. A few Tel Avivians took to wearing paint masks in the hope of some relief. This duct storm took everyone by surprise, with sunny and warm days through August, everyone expected clear weather.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Foggy Morning in Tel Aviv

Uncommon weather surprised residents: heavy fog engulfed the "White City" this morning © A Vider 2015
Tel Aviv residents woke up to a foggy morning. Uncommon to late summer and early fall, the fog snarled traffic into Tel Aviv central area and slowed down Ayalon highway. Picture taken on Ha'shalom bridge near the Azrieli (Ha'shalom) train station looking north. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Tel Aviv: Rain, a Packed Bus and Coffee with Internet

Winter is really here with four days of rain. Sometimes it comes down hard and Tel Avivians hide in cafes and offices. At night streets are deserted, left for the teenagers and "acharei tzava" (twenty something after their military duty.) Tel Aviv does not take well to the rain, the sewers were not made for this much water, streets flood and puddles stay for hours. Sometimes we forget how 100 years ago central Israel from Tel Aviv south to Rehovot, east to Kfar Saba and north to Natanya was one dusty sand patch. In the deserts and semi-desert climates rain does not seep into the ground. It seals the sand with top layer of wet sand then flows to make small floods down hills into low points. In south Tel Aviv, where sewers are old and narrow streets fill with water covering car tires and sidewalks. So Tel Avivians, take out their boots. Women who wear open shoes all year around get these few days to make a change. To some it's an opportunity to make a fashion statement. Boots that were made to European snow pop out everywhere. What an amazing transformation in an instant.

Last Thursday the 55 bus from Tel Ha'shomer skipped twice. It usually runs every 20 minutes in the evenings. It did not come from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Riders all along the route gave up and took taxis or waited when there was no alternative or did not want to spend the extra money. Once on the bus a minor demonstration started. First people scream at the driver. So he tells them that it's not his fault, actually they should be nice to him. It's the previous two drivers that should be taking the heat. That does not help, it makes things worst. Than a few start talking loud and threaten to "write a petition and have everyone sign it". To me they all seem to be the Russians, they are used to bureaucracy and official government departments which debate people's opinions in local government meetings. A debate started on which government department the petition should be sent and what to say to get them to do something. The department of transportation was the most agreed upon candidate while the bus company seem to be losing out. To Tel Avivians the bus company is just a winner of a government bid to move people economically. But most riders were just glad to get going to where they needed to be. On Thursday evenings, the end of the working week, soldiers from the base in Tel Ha'shomer, one of the bigger recruitment base, go home for the weekend. These are the army's bureaucrats, they will be receiving the complaint petitions from bus riders in ten year when they work for a government department. They are tired and don't care about a bus route missing two appointed rounds, they just want to get home.