Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Night Time Construction

Night time construction in Givatay'im. Old water & sewer pipes layed out 50 and 60 years ago were not designed for the population density and modern lifestyle. Some say a good problem to have © 2016 - D-A Vider
Israel's central region seems to be always under construction. When you look at the Tel Aviv, Petach Tiqva and Natanya skyline there are cranes somewhere all the time. A few months ago my street was cut with small ditches for new sewer and water pipes. Israel's strong economy and growing population is pushing construction everywhere, even in densely built suburbs.
Tel Aviv and nearby suburbs are a preferred destination for young Israelis. Millennials from central Israel stay here. Outsiders come from all around Israel. Young immigrants and foreigners also come to Tel Aviv. Gush Dan's ("gush" literallly means block or region, "Dan"the region's name from biblical times where the tribe of Dan settled) migration trend is pushing up housing density and cost of living at higher rates. This is essentially causing cost of living inflation of 6 - 10% per year (this assumes rising housing cost). One solution is to build smaller apartments in high rise residential blocks. Israelis are split in how to build and plan for the future. Many older residents, ones who made Israel into a beautiful and comfortable place to live, want the least amount of change. This leads to some calling for restrictions of new more dense construction. The ones who do not live in the central region are less sympathetic to construction restrictions call for higher density construction. There are some who own land and small apartments and are looking to rebuild or upgrade. The state comes ups with programs to help faster and more economic construction, yet this issue seems to have a life of it's own. I guess this is the cost of strong economic progress and a vital population.
Editor: Apartment prices in Tel Aviv have gone up 50% to 86% in the last six years (Globs newspaper survey). With the fast rise in prices demand is strong. In the past decade all new apartments are sold as soon as they are completed.

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