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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tel Aviv Beach end of February 2016

Sunny warm weather brought out Tel Avivians to the beach, end of February 2016
A few weeks ago the buzz on the street seesawed between anti-Zionist rumblings from Europe (mostly the UK) and political noise over domestic issues (security, economy, democratic policy). But weather and everyday life tends to send politics and economics to yesterday's newspaper pile (out of sight, out of mind?) Last Saturday, the end of a rainy February here, was one such day. Unseasonably warm and sunny, brought the huddled masses out to the sunshine. The beach was one place to find families and bikers, even a few sun worshipers who are an unexpected bunch this time of year. Foreigners criticize Tel Avivian's for ignoring all kind of political, security and economic issues. We hear from Americans to Swedish critics how Israelis should care more about injustice and pain felt by the people who are not as fortunate as the upper class. My answer is: go to the beach. The sand and sun are free. A soft drink or ice cream costs 8 to 16 shekels (US$ 2.5 to 4). And the talk ranges from work to cost of living to public transpiration. This is the real Israeli middle class, taking a day off from work and annoying foreign criticism. Which seems like a real misunderstanding once you are here and living the life of the average working stiff. Just for comparison, temps around the world: St. Petersburg: -4; Tokyo: +6; Toronto: -1; Seattle, WA: 10; London: 5; TEL AVIV:  18 @ 3PM to 10 deg C.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Givat Olga - After the Rain

Heavy clouds after morning rain, Givat Olga (Olga Hill) just north of Natanya on the coast - Looking East

If you head north on Rt. #2 (coast road, Kvish Ha'chof) from Tel Aviv, you will see a wonderful coastal plane. The sea is on your left and to the right (looking east) are hills and sand dunes, mostly tended by small farmers. Once in a while you will see a heard of sheep or goats. There are small towns lining up the coast road. This is the old road from Tel Aviv to Haifa. In some sections the road runs in the same path at the coast road paved by the Romans 2,000 years ago. At almost every intersection there is an access road to the beach. Some beaches are well tended and appeal to sun bathers and swimmers. Others are rustic and unattended. Just north of Natanya, about 50 kilometers north of Tel Aviv, is the town of Givat Olga (Olga Hill). Although a separate section of the city, and historically considered a village by it's own right, Givat Olga is officially a neighborhood of Hadera. The beach here is not attended and can be accessed by dirt roads. Just north of the beach is the large Hadera power plant.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Hilton Park" Sunset Crowd - Saturday Afternoon

Lazy Sabbath afternoon on "Hilton Park" - overlooking sunset on the Mediterranean / Late October 2015

Saturday is Tel Aviv's relaxation day. Despite claims of being a Jewish secular bastion (some claim to the point of hostility), the city does rest on the Jewish Sabbath. Early fall brings warm days, brings crowds of walkers and bikers to the Tayelet (long promenade along the beach). "Hilton park" - once known as Tel Aviv's night-time gay meeting hub, is actually a nice hill overlooking the beaches and sea. On warm calm evenings, this is a spot to appreciate a lustrous sunset.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Early Fall - Tel Aviv Beaches Shift with Wind

Parasails floating in an abstract dance, dusk, Tel Aviv beach, early November 2015
This year's early rains and storms are keeping sun bathers away from the beaches. But when the sandy beaches clear, surfers and parasail surfing is going strong.The last two weeks weather has been swinging between warm calm days and blustery rainy ones. Parasail surfers are out in numbers, especially in the late afternoon hours when wind off the Mediterranean is strong and steady.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Live Tel Aviv beach webcam - Sheraton Hotel View

A view of Tel Aviv's beaches from high up on the Sheraton hotel.
Here is a static view in case the video is slow and hard to see in real time (hazy hot day surprised most Tel Avivians, after three days of cool and comfortable weather - 3rd of November, 2015)


Friday, October 9, 2015

Bright Hilton Beach after the Rain

Hilton beach after the rain, cool weather keeps the beaches empty / @ DAVider 2015

The last few days, light rains broke the hot late summer days heat wave. Temperatures are down to the mid 20s to low 30s (from mid 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit). The beaches are almost empty from sun worshipers. The political security issues of the last week is also keeping some tourists away. But the weather is glorious. Two days of light rains has cleared the air from dust. The beaches are clean. Light winds are kicking up a few waves, keeping the surfers happy. Come to the beach, take a walk and a quick dip, enjoy the great breeze and just take in the scenery.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tel Aviv Gordon Pool all Blue

Gordon pool with the Tel Aviv marina in the background / a sunny "blue day" @ DAVider 2015

The Gordon pool was rebuilt a few years back. Once a busy destination for Tel Avivians, today less of an attraction for locals. The pool is on the beach in front of the marina. This sunny morning the pool and sea were bluer than normal, great scene.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Volleyball on Tel Aviv Beach & Jaffa at Sunset

Volleyball games are going strong all the way to sunset on Tel Aviv's Gordon beach @ DAVider 2015

Volleyball games are a permanent fixture on Tel Aviv's Gordon beach. This year's late summer warm weather with the Sukkot holiday dates combined to give players one last chance to go at it. The beaches attract less bathers, especially families with small children. This makes for easier playing conditions. Come to the beach and enjoy the late summer weather.

One Last Dip at Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

Bathers at the last rays on Gordon Beach (#TelAviv) / 2 Oct. 2015 / @ DAVider 2015
This year's combination of hot late summer with long new year school vacation is giving Tel Avivians a bit longer on the beach. End of summer is less hectic and there is plenty of room to stretch out (or read a book or have a quiet conversation with a friend)  Dogs are not missing out on this one.

Sunset on Gordon Beach

Gordon beach #TelAviv at sunset - Sukkot vacation and warm weather keeps bathers out late / @ DAVider 2015

Gordon beach is a popular destination. It attracts a mix of families, boaters (kayak & wind surfing) and leisurely strollers. A good selection of bars, restaurants and hotels keeps people close by all day long. [see Tel Aviv's municipal beach page] This week, with the Sukkot school vacation and warm weather, is keeping Tel Aviv's beaches busy. Not as busy as the hot summer days, yet pleasant enough for a dip and great to stretch out on the sand. Half empty beaches are great when you need a bit of quiet and more space. Gordon beach is sometimes considered the prototypical Tel Aviv beach. ENJOY!

Monday, August 24, 2015

End of Summer Beach Goers: Fading Slowly Into The City

Everyone is taking part in a Tel Aviv tradition of going to the beach on Saturday, end of summer ritual, August 2015

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NOT TOO HOT for the Beach: Tel Aviv Beach at 35 ° C

Hardcore Matkot players take advantage of a hot afternoon when Gordon beach clears out. To some, it is never too hot for the beach / © 2010

Tel Aviv beaches are a magnet to tourists and locals all year long. Except when the temperature rises above 35° C (95° F) and the sun is at it's peak. This July and early August we had a few hot days. They come in two and three at a time. Even the busy beaches empty by 2 PM. On a Saturday afternoons this feels strange. Empty spots on the beach is not something bathers are used to. The hard core sun bathers get quiet and enjoy the quiet in the air. The hard core matkot players, that are used to kids dodging balls and mothers screaming "watch out" or "go play somewhere else" are still hitting balls back and forth. I always wondered how this game became so popular. In Israel there are not that many unique games. On the beach there are volleyball nets and a few people passing a soccer ball back and forth. So inventing a game just for the beach, that is easy to get started, is a good idea. Interesting how this really simple game can become an advanced competitive sport. The competition is not the main object here. The object here is to keep the ball going back and forth. Advanced players can stand 10 meters or even 20 meters apart and hit the ball so hard, it is a challenge to hit it back. That is how two players measure their skill level. Harder and farther away you stand from each other, more advanced your skill level.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Israel 62nd Independence Day: Pictures from the Beach

"Matkot" literally means paddles, is a fast game played on the beach. Using a hard rubber ball, each player hits as hard as he can toward the other side. The idea is to keep the ball going as long as you can. Good players can volley back an forth for 10 to 20 minutes easily. /© 2010

Brezlev religious movement is founded on Rabbi Nachman from Brezlev, they dance and blare music on the promenade next to the Tel Aviv Beach. These are interesting believers bringing back happiness and lightness in practice. / © 2010

Tel Aviv "tayelet" literally means "a path for a trip", is a promenade along the Mediterranean coast. Running along all of Tel Aviv's western edge, there are a few hundred meters of beach all the way to the water. The promenade is lined with hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. On a warm day the area is full of beach goers, trourists and locals out to relax and people watch.  / © 2010


Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Quiet 61st Independence Day

If you were anywhere near the beach in Tel Aviv, yesterday's independence day may have seen strange. Compared to last year the beaches were practically deserted. There were some people taking in the early summer sun, but certainly not a busy day by any measure. Apparently everyone was out BBQ-ings... that's the latest Israeli past time during holidays. Well, here are a few photos from the beach:

Taking in the rays... the beaches are still a great place to relax, cool, and work on that famous Israeli summer sun.

A view from the end of Ben Gurion street down to the Tel Aviv marina. From the look of it very few sailors were out on the water.

Vanilla ice cream at one of the beach restaurants. If you were after a burger or a cold drink there were plenty of open tables. Early summer vacationers are starting to show up. You can certainly start to hear the English, French and other languages among the beach goers. Read More...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Retire in Tel Aviv: lifestyle, weather, and Mediterranean culture:

Beach and marina in Tel Aviv. A great city with a beach!
      People today retire all over the world. Britis go to southern France, Canadians go to Florida, north-easterners move to Arizona and southern California. In Tel Aviv we are starting to see a trend of full time and part time retirees making their home in Tel Aviv. The white city has plenty to offer, but to some Tel Aviv is a real treat (isn't this what retirement should be?). People come to Tel Aviv for the weather and the cost of living, but they stay for the lifestyle and the truly Mediterranean attitude. Tel Aviv also offers easy access to the “other side” of the globe with Africa, Asia and Europe a short flight away (if you are coming from America). At first I thought that only the religious Jews and American Zionists were the ones who discovered Tel Aviv for retirement. But this is not at all the case. Tel Aviv is attracting British, German, South Africans, and even a few Australians.
      Choosing a retirement location is a combination of a pragmatic practical issues and attractive lifestyle factors. The pragmatic side is mostly based on cost of living and overall basic services such as the quality and availability of health services, similarity and ability to interact with a community on daily basis, and most importantly, the general comfort level: “how it feels to be here?” Once a retiree feels comfortable that pragmatic factors are a good match for them the real allure of Tel Aviv comes to play: incredible lifestyle. Imagine the weather something between southern France and San Diego, in a medium size city, with European culture, cosmopolitan mix of people... and this is just the beginning. Tel Aviv offers so much in culture, variety, weather, and a great location. As a matter of fact, one of the Australians I met wanted me not to write so positively about Tel Aviv, he doesn't want to tell the world about this hidden secret, keep it to himself.
      We will give more details on the attractive attributes of Tel Aviv for retirees in upcoming articles, so let's get started with the physical location. Tel Aviv is a symbolic midpoint of central Israel. Our focus will start here. Tel Aviv is situated on the Mediterranean coast at the center of Israel. The city was officially founded in 1909, so next year will be the centennial celebration, and the city is cleaning up and sprucing up. The municipal borders had limited growth in Tel Aviv proper for some time, so new large construction is not something to look for in the municipal borders. Luckily this is not a problem since there is space surrounding the city all around. Besides the nice residential parts of the city it is also the true cultural center of Israel. Tel Aviv has one of the highest concentration of theaters, concert halls, museums, book stores, shops, restaurants, and whatever culturally you can imagine. Tel Aviv is not just a cultural center in Israeli context but in comparison to many cities. OK, this is not New York city but it certainly competes with many American and European cities twice it's size and decades older. But the real treat here is the combination of year around great weather, a cosmopolitan city with culture, and comfortable mix of people from all over the world. All together this is what makes Tel Aviv the place to be. So if you are retiring, come and really enjoy your time, you deserve it. Now a little about the surrounding areas which will give a bit of understanding and some living choices.
      The city is surrounded by a few smaller towns: Natanya in the north, Holon in the south, and Kfar Sabba in the east. These encompass a few more communities which attract retirees. Each town (even a section of town) has it's own personality. Each community also tends to have a concentration of residents from different country. Natanya is a strong French presence some immigrated in the last two years. Natanya is just north of Tel Aviv along the Mediterranean coast. Natanya is still developing and new construction from low cost small apartments (about US$200,000) to large single family homes (US$1,000,000 and up) attract people who would not be able to afford a new home. As the French started discovering Natanya the word spread and more came. To the east of Natanya lies Ra'anana and Kfar Saba. These two towns with some sections of Hertzelia (between Tel Aviv and Natanya) are the preferred choice of “Anglos”. Anglos is the term used to describe the English speakers (Americans, British, Canadians, S. Africans, etc.) Ra'anana and Kfar Saba have a relatively older town centers with 1960's to 1980's construction. Similar to Natanya, the early Anglo concentration has given the towns a western feel. Ra'anana has a reputation of being clean, green, and spacious. Walking through Ra'anana's neighborhoods and the main street Ahuza does give you a feeling of a well kept town. Here it would be more difficult to find a new apartment and the attraction is the more established community. Bordering the southern edge of Tel Aviv are Holon and Bat Yam. These two towns have also been established a bit longer. They have the most native Israeli feel which is attractive to retirees who want to be in a native environment. Bat Yam sits on the coast and Holon is just east inland. Holon offers cultural activities with museums and performance spaces, Bat Yam has been a working class town which is having an economic infusion from new residents and construction. The beach communities like Tel Aviv, Natanya, Hertzelia, and Holon have a real resort feeling. To most people who want to be here just for the summer or for the winter this is the place for you.

Next time: lifestyle in Tel Aviv and the surrounding communities and a look at a few other towns. We will also describe not just the retirement life in Tel Aviv, after all retirement is not just sitting around. Read More...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life in the White City - White Night

In July 2008, UNESCO declared the White City (Tel Aviv) a world cultural heritage city. Tonight, July 3rd, 2008 - Tel Aviv will be celebrating the declaration with a city wide event that starts at 7:00PM and continues until dawn tomorrow. This is one night but over 100 separate events of all kinds and for every taste imaginable!
Tel Aviv knows how to throw a party, maybe better than any city out there. Not just for a few, not just for a special occasion, not just for the young! FOR EVERYONE! This is the forth year of the White Night festival in the city that never sleeps. Where bars and pubs close "when the last customer leaves".

Events taking place across the city include beach parties, dance parties in clubs and on open stages, theater, and music performances. Clubs, restaurants, and other sites also have specials for the day - all the way to the wee hours of the 4th of July. Some of the other treats are dance shows, Jazz and modern music, opera, and rock and roll shows.
Our city is going to party, like only Tel Avivians know how. Don't believe that crap on CNN, Israel is neither dangerous nor violent. Stop taking the word of ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, and CBC! You are not going to see any gun toting masked Palestinians or right wing extreamist "settlers" tonight here. Come to see our "White City" for the full night -- that's the W H I T E   N I G H T ! !
see yah' in Tel Aviv -- sam-D-man

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer on the beach - sun, fun, refreshing

Summer is here! Get down to the beach. Get some sun, have some fun, and be refreshed. When the temperature hit the 90's (35 Celsius here) do as most Tel Avivians do, head to the beach. This is specially true on Saturdays, when tanning or playing "matkot" (Israeli specialty wooden racket game) is a long practiced tradition. The beaches are right here, just at the edge of the city. The most difficult part in the ordeal is probably finding a parking spot. But if you have a few spare shekels or don't mind a walk of a few blocks, you must partake in this ritual. The beaches stretch from the old part of Yaffo in the south all the way to the big hotels on Ben Guryon street. On good days choice spaces by the water go quickly and the beach is carpeted with oily bodies and umbrellas 40 to 50 meters deep. On the hot summer months, June to August, you will find vacationing high schoolers all week long. Fridays and Saturdays are the family days, you will see from singles with their friends all the way to 4 generations all clumped up around the cooler and the umbrella. Some bring almost nothing, literally, a T-shirt, flip-flops, and a towel to lie on. Some just about bring everything they can carry from their kitchen pots to their children's toys.

Bikinis in all shapes and colors, a refreshing dip is great on a hot June day.
If you are not the picnicking / outdoor type, no worries, the beach is dotted with cafes and restaurants which offer drinks and food. On a hot day I would recommend a large cold slice of watermelon with salty cheese cubes. Drink plenty of water or other refreshing fluids, it is easy to forget how quickly we loose fluids in the sun. Besides the sunning, ball playing, and bikini watching, there are kayaks and small sail boats to rent in the boat club at the end of Ben Guryon street. Bring games and sand toys for the kids, and a newspaper or a good book for yourself. And above all, ENJOY the summer! Tel Aviv beaches are a blast ;8~)''' Read More...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Street Life - Eat, Drink, and Romance

Tel Aviv is starting to show spring colors. In other cities that would be flowers and green leaves. Or street performance of magic and music in the town squares. Here it's romance and food. What are the colors of romance and food? Well, it's smiling faces, colorful plates, shiny windows, and more cloths in pastels than black. The weather is starting to allow comfortable outside sitting, and there are still a the enclosed glass shelters from the winter. Like urbanites in Europe and N. America, Tel Avivians feel the awakening of spring weather and light. If you come from a cold weather country you may think about how exaggerated spring for Israelites is, but never the less, spring brings "street colors". For me this is people in cafes, parks, and boulevards. With small apartments and getting smaller (this phenomena of making a small apartment into two smaller ones will be dealt with in another article), good selection of cafes, bars, and restaurants. So for Tel Avivians social living outside is the way of life, no matter what Venicians or Parisians say, Tel Aviv thinks they are the best at this. On any day you can find people in cafes working (laptop services like WiFi and power is available in many places), couples romancing, and students studying. If you come from a US college town this would seem natural, and if you lived or visited Paris, Venice, or Barcelona the crowds would make you feel that deja-vue again.

Arlozorov & Iben Gvirol: Cars, Horses, and Cafes - Eat, Drink, and Romance
The business world has not missed this phenomena and preference of street living. On any day you will find architects presenting plans to clients, insurance and investment proposals discussed, and interviews for high-tech and retail sales jobs in many cafes and one or two bars. With the attitude of 'mind your own business ~ please', most people are not afraid to discuss their most intimate personal issues like salaries, finances, and even sexual habits. For the most part, the people in the next table are anonymous and do not seem to care even if they overhear something juicy. During the day cafes seem to have more business and school activity than the rest of the day. During the evening hours romancing and 'starting' ~ a term for hitting on the 'girl next table' is much more common. The main Tel Aviv boulevard have been lined with tables from restaurants for many years. The amount and agressiveness of the table placement seem to follow both the weather and the general economic mood of the city. Now the weather is warming up and the economy seem to be taking a short rest. So let the tables get moving begin.
Spruced up flower bed in a walking path, outdoor living is not limited to cafes
If your style is more sporty or does not fall into sitting around, there are plenty of walking paths, beaches, and parks to run around. Biking and jogging is slowly coming back with the warm weather too. So is simple walking and bench warming. Tel Aviv seem to be taking this pass time also well with spruced up flower beds, repaired paths, and freshly painted park benches. Again, these are not limited to the older set kibitzing. On any evening you will find plenty of teen agers and 20-somethings hugging and kissing in a hidden spot. Also, the ever present teen age groups are going to find a bench or a street corner to congregate and enjoy a warm evening outdoors. So get out... and come enjoy the city... Read More...