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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hot City Noise, Humping Moaning Neighbors, Greenest Spot on Earth???

Man imitating nature: tree cutouts on Rocach Ave outside Tel Aviv University

As I listen carefully the city is noisier in summer. My windows are open and the quiet morning moments are filled with birds chirping. This sub-tropical city, half way between Europe and Africa is a resting spot for the migratory birds, the ones living here probably also migrated, but decided to stay. While Al Gore is busy preaching the song of green living, Tel Aviv has been greening the desert for 100 years. I wonder why Al Gore has not noticed while he is flying overhead how this little area from Rehovot to Lebanon "suddenly became green in the last 100 years". Oh well, the birds are still happy on the big trees outside my window. When the highway at the end of the building goes quiet the bird chirping is even stronger, this is a great place for singing. One energetic specie is heard through my microphone all the way in Palo Alto California. While on a skype call the high frequency chirps cuts through my voice or any background whoosh of the road. That's one nice thing about Tel Aviv. No big deal, just a nice thing about living in an old apartment with big trees outside.

Moped salesman upstairs humping and moaning on a summer night. Moped mobility in Tel Aviv is a valuable commodity, someone should benefit from it

At night the quiet is broken with one humping young neighbor. A moped salesmen by day, Romeo by night ~ sometimes he gets a noisy girl so moans join the soft booo-booo calls of owl and fluttering bats ~ bats like the summer here, they eat the few fruits left from the palm trees. Tel Aviv likes the summer. The city should be dry on the edge of a desert. From here if you travel west there is not going to be green until you pass the Sahara. Take your pick, Cuba or Ethiopia; Sudan, Kenya or Congo will do if you are looking for green. If you travel east you will end up in Iraq and the fertile crescent, between the biblical Tigris and Euphrates rivers, that's where you get green again. No, wait, add to that Saudi Arabia and the gulf emirates. Go a few hundreds miles more, you will end up in India before finding a cultivated green spot like central Israel. I guess this can explain the happy birds, they are in a green island in a dry spot covering a good part of our earth. Green trees from all over the world, cultivated by dedicated green thumbs, mostly from the socialist experiment in the Kibbutzim (somewhere in the north), they try to fool us. All this green around us is made up, if we forget to water the beautiful behemoths they will dry up. Enough with the dry climate. The people are noisier in the summer. The shook (Ha'Carmel open air market) is so noisy, people actually talk back to the screaming vendors to shut them up. It doesn't work. Fruits and vegetables are rotting and wilting in the heat, get them moving scream "aleph aleph aleph - rak eser shekel" (A, A, A, just 10 shekels - AAA is the highest quality designation for fruits, specially fragile strawberries, nectarines and grapes). Shook regulars will tell you that shouting helps. The laud ones have special deals and are the hustlers here. They are in the business of moving product. The term "stutzi" (a Hebrew variation of "stocking" ~ I am guessing here) comes to mind. Stock them and sell them. Nothing stays as it is in the summer, and changing from one state to another comes with the added benefit of noise.

next: more noise and smells in the city
AmiV @ TLV - summer noise in the white city


Friday, June 19, 2009

Sex in The City - Sweaty Soldiers Out of Uniform

Imagine 50 sweaty hot soldiers running all morning and showing up in central Tel Aviv. On top of this, these are fresh Golani soldiers - Israel's most famous and best trained soldiers. This Monday you did not have to imagine, just keep your eyes open. The few women that paid attention got a sight from a Daniell Steel novel. Sweaty, hot, well trained bodies running through the city.

The soldiers were in the middle of a run across the country. This was the biennial (every two years) run across the country from the northern border to the red sea. Since Israel is a small country you can actually run the whole country if you are a fit soldier. The run takes a week and the soldiers need to be in top shape and put in all it takes. Even with the support of a strong team and great support, each soldier still needs to run the country.

You can imagine the sweaty palms, goo-goo eyes, moist lips and stares from most women under 30. The older ones probably sweat just much but imagine brothers or children more than lovers. Wearing yellow T-Shirts with the olive tree troop insignia most Israelis feel pride when they are running through the streets. This would not be a good time to pick one up, but can't a woman dream? day dream??

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sex, Noise, and Smoke: good and bad in Tel Aviv bars

Street dancing on Dizengoff: the Israeli rap generation

It seems like Tel Aviv is having a low level cultural war. Not one that you hear about in the newspapers or TV. The bar culture is being attacked by residents through city hall. No need for alarm, Tel Aviv is not going to be a dry city any time soon*. But there are rumors and and article here and there that "the city" is out to close bars in residential areas. Essentially they enforce a few noise and public smoking laws harshly. I heard of the noise issue from bar owners and bartenders. I also heard of the no-smoking "police" lurking around bars and the staff running around putting out cigarettes (fine of 1,000 shekel for patron, 5,000 for the establishment). If you are a bar kind of person you probably think this is unfair. Why have bars, give them permission to operate, have people come and find a place to socialize and create a community just to close it down for some noise and smoke excuse? If you own or just bought an expensive apartment in a good location you take the opposite side: why doesn't the city keep the city organized? Why can't we have quiet nights and smoke free places? Why do we have to live next to a virtual sex hotel where the young of the city come to enjoy anonymous sex** and a few good drinks? Well, there you have the issue at hand. As Tel Aviv becomes more cosmopolitan it attracts the kind of people who not only want but actually demand the bar scene. The "alcohol culture" which comes with other British and American imports (business, culture, people) is steadily making it's way into the Tel Aviv night life. The "kids" which you see in the bars are not going to be satisfied by Israeli folk dancing and telling stories around the campfire on the beach. That was fine for their grandparents. But if you are going to ask them to do high-tech software, banking, and advertising on international scale, with Europeans and Americans, they want to go to pubs and bars just like in London or LA. This is what in some cultures get banned. The Muslims and Christian fundamentalists mostly in Asia (that includes the Arab countries on the middle east) live in fear of corrupting their young ones. But the cost is freedom to society. Well, let the story continue, we will keep the story going as we see what is going on here. Please post a comment or send an e-Mail if you have any news on the matter - T H A N K S !

* a dry city or county in American slang is a location free of alcohol, both sale and consumption (in public places).
** there is an image of free sex in bar bathrooms has taken hold in Tel Aviv. Apparently this was a popular form of entertainment for the 20 something. From what you see today it's only in very few bars and very few people. Read More...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Lobby - Pickup Bars, Strong Drinks, and Quiet Streets

No need for refined graphics, "The Lobby" is quiet and classy.

"The Lobby" is a small bar on Bazel Street (#30) in Tel Aviv. It opened two years ago in a very quiet location. I can't believe that the owners planned on opening a pick-up bar with strong drinks. Well, this is not exactly a "classical" pick-up bar. The location is just one aspect. Most people would assume that a pick-up bar is going to be in a desolate industrial zone where there is plenty of room and parking and only the desperate and sexually adventurous would be trolling dark bars in search of a one-night-stand. Pick-up bars also come in the glitzier variety catering to lonely business types with a few extra dollars to buy a broken hearted girl a drink. Somehow "The Lobby" has become what I would call a "locals'" pickup bar. Since tourists and business travelers usually take over the bar scene in the city in search of a willing one-nighters partner, there has to be a place for the locals. My "locals" term is describing not just Tel Avivians but also out of town Israelis looking for Israelis and not foreigners. You may think that this is a little discriminatory on the side of Tel Avivians or even Israelis. But a few visits to "The Lobby" and you will see that the place is comfortable and friendly. There is the sexual tension of a pickup bar but also a feel of a friendly neighborhood drinking hole. To some this makes "The Lobby" a less intimidating place.
      The Lobby is essentially a small room that holds about 30 people. There is a long counter on the right side of the room where two barman mix strong traditional drinks. Doreen the waitress (a twenty something divorce lawyer by day) was recommending the large Mojito (a liter of rum, sugar, and your favorite juice with lime) or a Long Island Ice Tea. On hot Tel Aviv summer nights, the Caribbean drinks seem to be the weapon of choice here. "The Lobby" is furnished in comfortable seating, high tables and chairs and decent bar stools at the counter. There is definitely a "regulars" arrangement with reserved spots at the counter and some reserved tables. The lighting is muted but not the kind of dark that you can't see a face 10 feet in front of you.
      The drinks are strong and big. Besides the regular western (European) drinks there is a good selection of Caribbean / Cuban / Mexican drinks. I was a little disappointed when they didn't have a traditional summer Sangria with ice. "The Lobby's" version is served warm for cold winter nights. Staff at "The Lobby" is young and energetic. They greet most guests as if they are regulars, even the ones which are there for the first time. Even a group of 20 something girls which seem to have one-nigher pickup on their mind seem to be welcomed by Doreen and the barman. Overall I give "The Lobby" a high score. If you are looking for a comfortable neighborhood bar for a good drink and a slice of pizza this is the spot. If you are looking for a pickup bar, come here on Wed. to Friday (the other nights are a little slow). [The Lobby, 30 Bazel, Tel: 03-5462714 - Note: This area has little to no parking at night.] Read More...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sex in the city - adult performance (skip if you are a little prudish)

Sam-d-man in his younger days could get ready for sex with a great hard-on with the slightest of sexual stimulation. For you seniors we all remember those wonderful days and nights! But don't give up. there is help for all uf us, if we shed our shyness and learn to approach sex like we do politics. Talk about it, don't be embarrassed. You're not the only one. We all have the same problem, that hard-on that just popped-up now needs a little help. Remember you younger guys, sometimes you need a little help too!

Viagra site, not just for Americans

Help is here with three drugs you may purchase at your local Kupat Cholim or drug store, they are Viagra, Leveitra and Cialis. All are somewhat subsidized by the national health service, which is more that can be said about other countries. The only hitch is you need a prescription from your doctor. Don't be so modest or embarrassed to discuss this situation with your doctor. My doctor is a very nice young lady. Sam-d-man swallowed his pride and explained to his doctor the problems I now had in getting a good erection and keeping it 'up'. She quickly checked my medical history and my medication and wrote me a script. THANK YOU DOC!
These medications may have some minor side effects and each are a bid different. Read and follow the directions in the box. Don't be modest, face your situation, talk to your doctor and don't let the doctor put you off. If your doctor doesn't want to talk about sex, get a new doctor. Have good sex - in the city (sam-d-man)

Unofficial Israeli web site selling sexsual performance drugs, just like in America!

The base price for these prescriptions is about 350 to 500 shekels (eight pills). The pharmacy will adjust the retail price according to your health plan. If you belong to an upgraded plan they will probably discount these drugs about 50%. check your insurance with your health plan before you make the purchase.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sex in the city - advice from a Tel Aviv perspective (skip if you are a little prudish)

Editor's note: sam-d goes out and sees foolish behaviour in the sex dance of Tel Aviv. Bars with pick-up attitude are plenty, but men to behave the right way are a few... happy reading... Escort service web site, in Hebrew

      You have met a girl and you feel a little heat between the two of you. You are hopping she feels the same heat. Hint number one, don't make some crude remark. This will for sure way to pour ice water on any possible connection. You must be a gentleman and still find out the lay of the land. Now that you have made the decision to take this budding relationship to step 2, what do you do? The next step is the touching and kissing stage. But what do I do? where do I touch? This is the first test on how the two of you will handle your fledgling way.

Seximo site from the popular circular you find on the steet

A quiet bar, few snacks and some straight talk. We all like to be touched but where is the question. Your girl has favorite places. Just ask her. How do you like your breasts touched? Do you want your vagina massages? Ask her where her favorite place to be touched. You may really be surprised. If she likes her breasts touched, ask her how soft - hard, etc. Don't be shy, she'll appreciate it.
Since kissing is part of step 2, it's best to find out how she likes to kiss. Hard - soft... it's best to know if a little biting is in order. Do you like it so far? try it. If not, end it now, it won't get any better. As for you girls if aren't satisfied with this talk, end it NOW ... more to come from sam-d-man


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sex in the city - errotic massage service (skip if you are a little prudish)

A massage ad from Have you got the urge to have a lovely young lady massage your body? From head to toe? In Tel Aviv you have a choice of many different massage services. There are straight massage spas where for about $35- $60- (140 to 250 shekels) you will get a 50 minute body massage. They will require you to wear underwear and the masseurs will be dressed (masseuses are mostly women for straight men). The services are advertised in regular publications as well as on the Internet service and health listings.
Sensual Massage service ad
If you want an erotic massage with a 'modified sexual experience', these services are also available. You can find these services all over Tel Aviv, from the upscale norther neighborhoods all the way to the central bus station area, where foreign workers congregate. You will be told that 'no sex is provided' by the "girls". In Tel Aviv this means no oral or vaginal sex. While the masseurs will be dressed in a small bikini, NO SEX, means exactly that. Don't press the issue or you will be evicted from the premises. So enjoy the massage, find a 'friend' for the sex. In Israel the service are not illegal.
The service provided usually starts with a shower. It is advisable to take a shower, it makes for a nice prelude to the main event. The masseurs will than take off her cloths, either down to bikini underwear or all the way to nothing. At that point she will invite you to lay down on a table face down. A massage lasts from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, half way through the massage you will be asked to turn over and lie on your back. The erotic part will be at the very end. She will masturbate you and you are done. Enjoy your 'sex in the city' massage -- the city -- Tel Aviv //sam-d-man Read More...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sex in the city - Clubs Part 2

Escort and Massage Biz-Cards (read below)

Tonight you want to continue your nightlife your you may want to start at Bukowski, located at corner of Dizengoff and Frishman (39 Frishman). Come about 9:00 PM and stay until you want to go. This is a low priced bar with a friendly upbeat vibe. The service is charming and helpful. Music is basic 80's. This is a fun bar with an easy going feel. No Cover.
Now you may want to try the Levonitin located at 11 Levonitin just off Allemby. This spot has an oriental touch. The food is good and the music is different every night. Go to the Levontin and enjoy yourself and meet new people.
We will end this part of the nightlife tour of Tel Aviv at the Blounlich loacted at 32 Rothchild. This is a hot spot with stylish yuppie crowd. This bar has a good variety of drinks and alcohol. Music is 80's and 90's and dancing is a good here. You will find men and women flirting and teasing, while they enjoy their favorite drink. This bar is known as a pick-up joint. So, if you want to hook-up, see you at the Bloumlich. Opens at 9:00 PM, closes when the last customer leaves // sam-d-man

If you wonder around Tel Aviv early on Saturday morning, you may be baffled by the business cards on the ground. In Tel Aviv, massage, escort, rave and other "sex industry" services are advertised with business cards, post cards and fliers. It's probably a consequence of the strong Tel Aviv printing industry, which makes these cards cheap and quick to print (you can have 1,0000 cards for about 500 shekels). At first, it might seem that Tel Aviv has a large amount of these services. But in reality, you need to be on your toes to spot a sign tucked into a side street or between buildings to find these services. So don't worry about the "decadence" in the city, it's there, so you can have it -- but it will not encroach on your visit here! Read More...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Nightlife in the city, clubs, bars and pubs

Party Invitation, Vox Populi

Bars, pubs and clubs are great places to relax and hook-up with people. Not being an expert on the late night scene, I asked a young lady with direct personal experience for some information. Tel Aviv night life begins 'late' in comparison to other places, usually between 9 and 11 PM. The 'night' goes on all night until morning. You can expect people to be out every day of the week, but from Wednesday to Saturday the scene is really going strong. My friend Lilat gave me a good background on the night scene. Here are a few night spots that are active at this point in time (Summer 2007). Editor's note: notice that the club scene changes quickly in Tel Aviv, what you read here now may not be accurate in a few months. Ask around and get updated information from people who seem to know their night time scene.

Molly Bloom's, an Irish pub, 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ramat Ha'chayal, is a good place to start and evening. The bar has a small menu and there is a full dinner menu. Lilat suggests the deserts if you are going to start with bar food and a drink. There is a good selection of beer, wine, liquor and cocktails. The crowd is friendly in the age group of 25+. Molly Bloom's is open Friday from 9 PM to the 'last customer'. Sunday to Thursday open 8 PM to the last customer, no cover charge.

Lima Lima is located at Lilliablum 42 is a hot dance bar. Good drinks are served all night, 7 nights a week from 9 PM to the last customer. Lima Lima is where the beautiful people of Tel Aviv com to dance, groove to the music or just lounge in the bar. Go to Lima Lima for fun int he city, no cover.
// sam-d-man from Tel Aviv

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sex in the city - adult life (skip if you are a little prudish)

Cover of Sexymo magazine

You have just landed in Israel and checked in your 'In The City' (Tel Aviv) hotel. Now, you are looking for entertainment, the "adult" kind. I'll tell you NOW, you are in the right place for that!

Remember Tel Aviv's 24/7 lifestyle? The laws in the city allow ANY activity between consenting adults as long as it's not against other laws. Sex with minors (under 18) will get you into trouble. Meeting someone in a bar, pub or another public place - and doing something with them, is strictly your own business. Paying money to an escort or a prostitute for sexual favors in not illegal. But Tel Aviv has not gone as far as Amsterdam and allowed prostitutes to display themselves openly, just keep it discreet. Enjoy yourself, and don't worry too much about getting in trouble with the police.
There are many locations that provide 'sex in the city'. You may spend from $40 to $350 for sex or an erotic massage. There are many massage parlors in the city. They are concentrated in some areas, but they are also sprinkled in the streets adjacent to the beach area and the the "old north". These places will provide you with a young lady for a full body massage for somewhere in the area of $40 to $50.
There are also brothels in the city. A visit here will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on how much time you want to spend and the specific services you request. For the most part, there is not much bargaining over price. The young ladies have patience and plenty of business, so they don't mind turning down business if it looks like "trouble".

Page from Sexymo magazine

If you want a young lady as an escort, these services are also available. If you want company for a night out or sex, it's all negotiable. These services are more expensive and usually start at about $250 per night. The escort service will provide you with a girl who speaks your language. Tel Aviv reflects the international flavor, there are girls who speak all the western languages and most of the Asian ones, including central Asian and eastern European languages.
Information about escort and massage services you will find on newspaper stands in many city locations. Two magazines are distributed free, Seximo and Banana. These are mostly in Hebrew, so get someone to translate for you and have someone who can speak Hebrew when you call. Otherwise they will probably hang up on you (sam-d has tested this "problem", but with a little help he was able to break the language barrier!) If you absolutely need an English, French, Spanish or German speaker, keep on trying different services, there are lots to choose from. (Editor's note: you can also find the info on web sites: B-Sexy, Seximo). Tel Aviv also have a good selection of sex shops. The signs are usually in multiple languages, so keep your eyes open. You will not find fancy graphics here, just a allusion to the "stock" inside. These only sell sex toys, videos and clothing. Store staff may be able to point you to the an appropriate service.
Good luck and have fun 'in the city' - sex in the city... remember, it's L E G A L ! ! Read More...